IMRT Thorax Phantom

The Model IMRT-2LFC thorax phantom is designed to address the complex issues surrounding the commissioning and comparison of treatment planning systems while providing a simple yet reliable method for verification of an individual patient's treatment plans and delivery.

The phantom is elliptical in shape and represents an average human torso in proportion, density and structure.  Measuring 30cm x 30cm x 20cm thick, the phantom is manufactured from unique proprietary materials that faithfully mimic water within 1% from 50keV to 25MeV.

Tissue-equivalent, interchangeable rod inserts for ion chambers allow for point dose measurements in multiple planes within the phantom. Hole placement allows for verification in the most critical areas of the chest.  One half of the phantom is divided into 12 sections, each section is 1cm thick, to support film dosimetry with not only standard radiographic films but also Gafchromic film.  Optional inserts are available to support a variety of other detectors including TLDs, MOSFETs and diodes.

The surfaces of the phantom are etched for ease of laser alignment.  Optional CT markers are available to ensure accurate film to plan registration. An alignment plate and compression device are included.

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