Head & Neck Support

Model 248-000 Foam Rubber Head-Neck Support Set

Six different heights and contours provide the versatility needed to attain the desired head angulation.  Designed to fit the average adult head, these supports are soft enough to be comfortable for the patient, but firm enough to prevent "sinking" after the head is set.

Use of the Head-Neck Support improves treatment accuracy by helping to ensure the same head position from day-to-day while the cradle helps prevent inadvertent rotation.

These supports are especially valuable for the following situations:

Lateral and anterior fields of the head and neck regions; improving head extension with treating mantle fields; as a general use pillow; adaptable as a forehead and anterior neck support when treating posterior spine and brain fields.

Model 248-000 Head-Neck Supports are made of molded polyurethane foam with a smooth durable surface.  They are easily cleaned with water or alcohol and each support is lettered for easy identification.

This product is not intended to provide complete immobilization or to be totally radiolucent, although the attenuation is minimal.  Furthermore, because of a possible skin reaction, it is recommended that radiation treatments not be given in such a manner that the beam passes through the support before reaching the skin.

It is supplied in a set of six of assorted sizes, "A" through "F".

Model 249-000 Silverman Clear Plastic Head-Neck Support Set

Model 249-000 Head-Neck Supports are made of thin, clear plastic material.  The plastic thickness ranges between 0.75mm and 1.5mm.  They are the same size and shape as the foam-rubber head-neck supports and carry the same letter sequence for identification.  There is minimal or no skin reaction observed when treatments have been given directly through these supports.  Normally no transmission correction needs to be applied for most high-energy beams.  The product, however, is not intended to provide complete immobilization.  Supplied in a set of six of assorted sizes, "A" through "F".

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