Testicle Shields & Holders

Testicle Shields

These lead shields, available in three sizes, are designed to eliminate and reduce scatter radiation to the testicles.

Each unit is cast to provide a wall thickness of 1/2" and features an open sector to allow comfortable attachment to the patient.  All surfaces are coated with a beige polyurethane paint to reduce lead exposure.  The shields' top and bottom sections are secured with two rubber straps (supplied with each unit) or may be secured with nylon tape.  When using the stand, no straps are needed.  A special dome and groove design between the two halves stops radiation leakage and prevents the halves from sliding apart.  Rotating the entrance of the shield toward the ceiling will also reduce scatter radiation from entering the shield.

A soft cotton sock can be used to cover the testicles when placing them inside a cold shield.

Model 275-000 Testicle Retractor

Designed to move all or part of the testicle and scrotum out of the direct beam while irradiating a portion of the scrotum.  Constructed of sturdy, clear acrylic, this T-shaped device features a grooved adjustment blade that easily adjusts to any vertical or angled position, then locks into place with a turn of a knob.

Model 928-505 Testicle Shield Stand

This easily adjustable shield stand will cradle testicle shields, offering increased patient comfort while raising and lowering the testicle shield.  A hand knob allows for easy vertical adjustment from 1" to 10" at five turns per inch.  A plastic plate secured to a cast iron counter-weighted base provides easy positioning.  It can be used for anterior and posterior treatments.  Testicle shields that incorporate the dome and groove interlocks do not require rubber straps to hold the shield halves together when used with this stand.

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